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Scouts at the Royal Adelaide Show

12 Sep 2019

Thank you to the 14,000 children who took part in our free activities. Thanks to the 480,000 who saw Scouts at the Show. Thanks to the 100 volunteers who engaged these young people and their parents.


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


Car requirements for Scout events

The Scout Motorsport Club runs Khanacross events on either tarmac or dirt.

Car requirements depend on the competition surface.

NOTE: These requirements may change to suit CAMS or Scout requirements.  Please contact us before beginning any modifications or to help you understand any requirements.

The full list of requirements can be found in the Scout Motorsport Club SA Operational Regulations and the relevant CAMS requirements.

Tarmac Events (Adelaide International Raceway)

Standard road vehicles are eligible to compete in Tarmac events with the following requirements.

  • Vehicle must be in good mechanical condition with no fluid leaks.
  • A 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher, less than 3years old, must be securely mounted within reach of the driver (check resolutions for more information). CAMS spec fire extinguishers can be purchased from all good autopart stores.
  • Blue triangle (with sides 150mm) must be present on the coachwork to indicate the location of the battery. These can be made from blue contact film, blue masking tape or purchased.

 Dirt Events  (like SANDBLAST)

Car requirements:

All cars entered at the event will need to pass scriteneering prior to participating in the event and it is a requirement that all entered cars need to be in good operational order and comply with the vehicle requirements outlined in the SMCSA Operational Regulations.

Minimum Car Requirements:

  • All requirements for Tarmac cars (above)
  • Minimum CAMS compliant 4 point harness for all occupants
  • Kill switch to isolate the battery, accessible from both within and out side the car
  • Mud flaps fitted as per CAMS manual.
  • Tow points clearly marked with red triangles


  • Non reclinable race seat as per CAMS requirements
  •  Roll over protection system is recommended for all section D vehicles and if fitted must comply with Schedule J of the CAMS Manual

Due to the low grip surface SMCSA requires that all vehicles be purpose built vehicles complying with the SMCSA standing regulations and it is the clubs recommendation that all Schedule D cars be fitted with roll over protection. If fitted, any rollover protection system must comply with Schedule J of the CAMS manual.

If you are looking to build a dedicated dirt car please consult the Scout Motorsport Club SA Operational Regulations and direct any questions to the club Technical Officer Jordan Johnston via