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Scouts at the Royal Adelaide Show

12 Sep 2019

Thank you to the 14,000 children who took part in our free activities. Thanks to the 480,000 who saw Scouts at the Show. Thanks to the 100 volunteers who engaged these young people and their parents.


Scouts SA 2019 Annual Report

20 Jul 2019

Read the Scouts SA 2019 Annual Report online today


Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre

18 Mar 2019

Adelaide 36ers to move to the Entertainment Centre. Read the message from Scouts SA.


 For Sale!



There are currently a 'Sandblast' spec car available for sale through the club and its members, complete with roll cage and in running condition. 


AU falcon Thundercougarfalconbird (TCFB)



V6 Auto in running condition with complete service before parking (has been sitting a few years)

Full roll cage to sandblast specs (not log booked but potential upgrade to current standard)

Quality Alloy Sump guard

Drivers and passenger side racing seat

To compete in sandblast it will need:

- New harnesses (Talk to the club for options)

- New fire extinguisher

- Roll cage padding (talk to the club as me may have some spare)

- Battery will require a good charge and possibly replacement due to sitting

Paint is faded with some clear coat peeling so this is the perfect opportunity for the new owner to personalise the car with paint/stickers etc

For details contact:

Jordan Johnston- 0419 373 448

Kat Page - 0421 234 566




Scout Motorsport club SA has club shirts available for $35 each


Alec Donnon- 0402 608 366

Kat Page- 0421 234 566