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01 Aug 2020

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August.


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10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


January 2018 saw 10,000 Scouts descend on Talem Bend as part of the Australian Scout Jamboree- AJ2019.

The Scout Motorsport Club SA were lucky enough to be invited to run an off-site activity as part of the Jamboree to offer a unique experience to some very lucky Scouts. 


The Scout Motorsport Club SA with the help of Tarmac JDP, Circuit Excel and other invited guests assemble a fleet of 35 race cars, a team of over 25 drivers and officials across a six day program to enable scouts to experience Motorsport from a Scouting perspective.

The 'Full Throttle Motorsport' experience saw nearly 800 Scouts and 100 leaders taken for hot laps of the Eastern Circuit of The Bend Motorsport Park. For the Scouts it was off the bus, gear up and go as they experienced the adrenaline rush that is motorsport from the passenger seat of Scout race cars.

As the Scouts embarked on this unique experience it was clear that for many, this was a once in a lifetime experience. From putting on race overalls to sliding on the helmet these Scouts were embracing motorsport and jumping right in. Next came the safety briefing, a bit of fun mixed with safety faced the Scouts as they discussed racetrack safety, hand signals and picked there safety word. From here it was trap in and go, the Scouts were allocated there cars, harnessed in and then off they went for four flying laps of this magnificent race track. For many the chequered  flag came too soon with the motorsport bug definitely bitten, for others a queasy feeling left them wanting more, just not today. A sight to be seen, Scouts beaming ear to ear and the talk of camp being that 'Full Throttle Motorsport' was an event of a lifetime, for some being the best activity of the whole Jamboree.   




The magnitude of this event sets in when you think about the logistics of this event in terms of paperwork, infrastructure, logistics and planning. 18 months of careful planning was required to to ensure that all Scouting and CAMS processes were adhered to. The Eastern Circuit currently has no infrastructure, thus requiring the team to bring and build a fully functioning pit complex to the site in time for the event. In true Scouting fashion the site was turned from a gravel car park into a bustling hub of activity with ample space for admin, gear collection and storage, briefing areas and fully functioning pit areas, all constructed of Marques, shade tents, bunting and car trailers.



There are so many people to thank for making this event a reality, so thanks to everyone that was involved in making this activity happen. There are too many people to name individually but some special thanks need to go to some key individuals and teams who helped make this event for making it one to remember.

A huge thanks must go to Scouts SA and the Australian Jamboree programming team for deciding to hold the Jamboree at such a fantastic location and enabling us to use this brilliant race track. The Ben Motorsport Park for building a fantastic facility and allowing us the opportunity to use it for our event.

The Scout Motorsport Jamboree organising team for seamlessly working behind the scenes for the last 18 months to ensure that this event could happen. You coordinated admin, paperwork and logistics to ensure that all CAMS and Scout paperwork was completed in a timely manner, all vehicles were race ready and all resources were acquired and logistics coordinated to ensure a smooth setup, running and pack down of the event.

Drivers that came out and gave up there time, and in many cases the use of their cars to take Scouts for laps, thank-you. I am sure each of you will remember the smiles of the kids getting out of the car. Just remember that without you out there driving this track the Scouts would never have had this experience.


The CAMS officials that dedicated there time to ensure a safe and smooth event. To the Clerk of Course, your assistants, general and trackside officials, you made the event run seamlessly working as a well executed team effectively demonstrating a balance of fun and safety that Scout Motorsport it know for. The event admin team, many will agree that paperwork is not fun, however, in the world of Scouting and CAMS it is a necessary evil. So thanks for keeping things organised, without an effective admin team we would not be able to meet our requirements for both Scouts and CAMS. The medical team, thanks for chipping in and providing First Aid as required. Brenda Motto, for volunteering to come out to this event as our CAMS Steward for the entirety of the event.


The Jamboree activity leaders for all your efforts throughout the event, you came out, listened, learned and actively participated in making this event happen. We look forward to hearing what motorsport activities you get involved with back home and hopefully how you can bring motorsport to Scouting in your states.


To Paul Hutchins, for managing this massive project from start to finish. You took this event from an off the cuff comment at a club meeting to a reality in less than two years. Coordinating with CAMS, Jamboree organisers, Scouts SA and Peregrine Corporation would not have been an easy feat and you managed it seamlessly. Without your efforts, dedication and enthusiasm to make this event happen we would likely be sitting back and thinking what if rather than reflecting on this great event.


Lastly, to all the Scouts that came out for the 'full throttle' experience, thank you, Scouting is about the youth and seeing your happy smiling faces and hearing for days after the activity about how you all enjoyed the motorsport experience makes all the hard work worth it.


Yours in Scouting

Kat Page


Scout Motorsport Club SA